Dental laboratory price list
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* Surcharge for urgent work is 50% from the cost of work
** Prices are valid only for doctors of Ukraine, may change depending on the exchange rate

Price dental laboratories City Dental - optimality criteria

Dental laboratory "City Dental" deservedly occupies a leading position in the market of dental services and is one of the most reputable laboratories in Kharkov.

Precision Equipment, modern tools and the use of the latest generation of materials allow us to produce orders of any degree of technical complexity.

Since the beginning of the work of the laboratory in 2001 the year up to now the high skill of the staff, accumulated experience and consistently reliable quality of the services provided allow us to successfully cooperate with many clinics, doctors in private practice and consistently receive excellent patient reviews.

The introduction of the latest technologies in prosthetics has led to the emergence of a huge number of modifications and types of structures.. Accordingly, pricing in this segment of the dental services market depends on many factors..

Dental laboratory prices - cost formation

Are there any pricing patterns in prosthetics - let's try to understand this issue.

The most important part in the pricing structure is the cost of prosthetics., which includes the following parameters:

  • real cost of materials;
  • equipment price and depreciation;
  • room rental;
  • utility bills for water, electricity, etc.;
  • taxation;
  • employee wages.

The most important conclusions, which can be done, analyzing the pricing scheme:

  1. the cost for the same type of prosthetics can vary significantly due to the difference in costs for each type of work. Much depends on the purchase price and the manufacturer of the materials.;
  2. prices for different types of prosthetics may not have a significant difference.

There is such a thing as a price group, i.e. there are several price ranges for the same type of service. So, for example, dental inlays can be made from conventional alloys, maybe ceramics, from expensive types of alloys.

In this way, half of the cost of the tab is determined by the price of the material. Also, the quality and quantity of anesthesia has an impact on the final cost of the service.. All these factors are taken into account and, usually, may vary.

Price appetites are constrained by competition in the dental market. But the individual needs and characteristics of the patient, which can translate into more visits to the dentist and a more demanding choice of materials can increase the price.

As a result, cost of prosthetics are regulated by the real cost of materials and tools and the need for profit for further development. The counterbalance is competition in the dental services market.. That is why the patient needs to compare the price of the dental laboratory and find out the optimal level - dental laboratory price, without forgetting the price / quality ratio.

Dental laboratory price - patients' choice

Most dental clinics inform patients about the cost of services, which, undoubtedly, associated with the work of a dental laboratory. Detailed information about the list and prices for services is drawn up in the application form and depends on the category - dental laboratory prices.

Information, intended for patients, helps them make the right choice and make the right choice for themselves:

  • the possibility of choice creates the conditions for preliminary “trying on” any type of prosthetics for yourself in accordance with your capabilities and requirements;
  • competition clearly drives down prices, Therefore, the cost for the same type of work can significantly differ..

It's important to know.

Зуботехническая лаборотория цена

  • It is not always possible for you to be told the cost of treatment and prosthetics over the phone.. Even a doctor during a superficial examination is not ready to immediately announce the exact amount of your future expenses., because it is due to a number of reasons, associated with quality outcomes.
  • Reliable treatment with a quality result with full adherence to the protocol cannot be cheap.
  • The total amount of successful prosthetics depends on a certain set of manipulations., carried out by the dentist as part of the treatment protocol.
  • The success and reliability of prosthetics directly depends on the skill and experience of the dental technician.. The ideal option is a professional tandem of a doctor and a technician, united for maximum results.
  • Therefore, you should always pay attention, to which laboratory the order for the manufacture of your prosthesis will be sent. A successful laboratory with highly qualified staff is the key to successful prosthetics.

When determining the cost of the type of prosthetics, ask for information in the section - dental laboratory price - and guarantees, which are provided to you, namely:

  • high quality performance;
  • perfect functional and aesthetic result;
  • great service.

Dental laboratory price - CITY DENTAL


Laboratory "CITY DENTAL" invites you to cooperate on a mutually beneficial basis, offering its partners the highest level of order quality in the shortest possible time and variability in the formation - dental laboratory price.

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Modern delivery methods, well-implemented logistics and flexible tactics in the category - dental laboratory prices give us ample opportunities to successfully cooperate with our colleagues in all regions of the country.