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Implantation is possible even with complete atrophy of the spongy bone

New teeth do not have to be treated, since caries on implants is impossible

Implantation has a small number of contraindications

In some cases, the installation of a permanent prosthesis is possible through 3-4 days after surgery

Suitable for the elderly and heavy smokers

Basal implantation

Tooth loss is not such a problem today., like a couple of decades ago. Modern techniques allow you to recreate deleted segments, returning not only comfort, but also aesthetics. So, basal implantation helps to restore teeth in almost any clinical situation. No matter, how many segments are missing, why were they removed and how long ago.

SThe secret of the promptness of the procedure

Basal implantation of teeth - a high-speed technique. She is much faster, than classical, gives patients the joy of full chewing and biting food.

The fact, that titanium screws are used for traditional implantation, implanted in the upper layer of the jaw bone - spongy. Where the roots of living teeth are located. Cancellous bone is soft and porous, therefore implants, installed in it, initially unstable. They need time to take root - several months.

Basal implants are inserted into the bicortical bone. It is located deeper than spongy and has greater hardness.. This ensures sufficient stability of artificial roots., and they take root in parallel with the loads. Temporary crowns are placed after 3-7 days after implantation.

Varieties of designs

There are two main types of titanium screws for the basal procedure.:
• Classic basal implants. Equipped with a thread with a significant diameter. Titanium screw stabilization is achieved not only by fixation in the deep bone layer. The edges of the threads are tightly connected to the cortical layer between the spongy and basal bone. The design is relevant for significant bone atrophy.
• Compression implants. The working surface of the screw is located in the basal and cancellous bone. Diameter smaller, compared to classic. The seating thread seals the bone around the implant. The option is recommended for small and medium bone deficiency. Suitable for single prosthetics.
Previously used disc basal implants. Their installation is too traumatic, that's why they gave up. The zygomatic implants are also referred to as basal implants., up to 6 cm. Most often they are used in the implementation of the All-on-4/6 protocol..



The technique is suitable for such cases:
• it is necessary to restore teeth as soon as possible;
• complex restoration of the jaw is required;
• several segments in a row are missing in a row;
• presence of periodontitis, periodontitis;
• you need to restore teeth in conditions of bone atrophy, but without osteoplasty;
• installation of non-removable prostheses without using supporting segments;
• prosthetics with fixed systems if there are indications for the installation of removable structures;
• the patient cannot stop smoking for a long time.
Besides, basal implantation of teeth is often performed after the removal of the bridge due to its breakage or destruction of the supporting segments.


• Naturalness. Implants are functioning, like natural tooth roots. They correctly distribute the chewing load and do not cause unusual sensations.. Artificial roots do not need special care..
• Durability. Most implants come with a lifetime warranty.. Artificial roots are permanent. Crowns only need to be replaced periodically..
• Basal implantation of teeth is performed in case of bone tissue atrophy. This means, that segments can be restored many years after deletion. And there is no need for bone augmentation surgery.
• Ability to restore teeth, lost due to periodontal disease.
• Minimally invasive. During the procedure, periodontal and bone tissues are minimally damaged.. Teeth are not ground under the prosthesis and are not depulped. Due to minimal surgical intervention, recovery is fast.
• Restoration with fixed dentures against the background of the loss of a large number of teeth. Removable structures are less comfortable and functional.

How is the restoration?

Basal implantation of teeth and subsequent prosthetics includes several stages:
1. Diagnosis. The patient undergoes general tests, taking x-rays of the jaws, may need CT of the area of ​​the proposed intervention.
2. Planning. Choice of implants, determination of their number.
3. Sanitation of the oral cavity. This is professional hygiene., caries treatment, other diseases.
4. Implantation. Performed under local anesthesia.
5. Installation of a temporary plastic prosthesis.
6. Fixation of a permanent structure.


For us, the first place is the high quality and accuracy of the timing of the manufacture of dentures..

We are working over 20 years and have an impeccable reputation. We are equipped with the most modern digital equipment, high-quality materials from well-known world leaders and a team of professional dental technicians with more than 8 years.

Dentures are made from the best materials, and the quality of their production is strictly controlled.

We get perfect results in 100% cases.

We invite dental clinics and doctors of private practice to cooperate!

Treatment budget

The specific price of the complex of procedures is called by the doctor. The cost of basal implantation directly depends on the extent of the dental defect.. However, it is beneficial for patients with bone atrophy.. Before the implantation of classical implants with a lack of bone, osteoplasty is indicated. This is an expensive operation., which, Besides, delays implantation time.
We invite you to order the manufacture of prostheses on basal implants in our dental laboratory!


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